Who We Are

Slate of Officers for the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year
Chris Murphy
Vice President
Ruth Rothfuss
Randa Connin
Mary Geisman
Assistant Treasurer
Neil Connin
Karen Stuart
Gary Spicer
Karen Jones
Mary Geisman
Membership as of 8/16/2014
Amanda Alling
Anna Richardson
Beatrice Warren
Betty Fowler
Bonnie Akin
Bonnie Stuart
Bruce Alling
Carolyn Mattice
Cathy Alling
Charlene James
Charles Winklepeck
Chian Kuntz
Chris Murphy
Chuck Murphy
Clyde Van Epps
Colletta Crews
Connie Stuart
Dave Burley
Dennis Elliott, Sr.
Elizabeth Scott
Gary Spicer
Jack Nichols
Jerry James
Jessica Elliott
Jim Geisman
Jim Stovall
Jo Greiner
John Moulton
John Rothfuss
Joseph Rothfuss
Karen Jones
Karen Stuart
Ken Collier
Kimberly Richardson
Kirstie Hammond
Laurie Collier
Lynn Cawrey
Marge Stovall
Marion Burley
Mary Burns
Mary Geisman
Matthew Murphy
Nancy Guscinski
Nancy Van Epps
Neil Connin
Pat Link
Phyllis Blossom
Randa Connin
Rebecca Moulton
Richard Fowler
Richard Jones
Rick Hover
Ruth Rothfuss
Sally McFeters
Sara Marie Kuntz
Scott Richardson, Jr.
Scott Richardson, Sr.
Scott Rothfuss
Stacey Nichols
Stephanie Heiple
Steve Cawrey
Susie Taylor
Tammy Hover
Tammy Spicer
You are always welcome to join us for worship and fellowship. Our church has an intimate and charming sanctuary and we offer our hearts in love and Christian fellowship to all. The attendance at our services can vary and an average is 50-70 of those who are members and regular visitors. The church does have Deacons and they include Mr. Richard Fowler (563-8664), Mr. Neil Connin (688-4431), Mr. James Geisman (563-8785) and Mrs. Chris Murphy (688-4834). The Church Board President is Chris Murphy. The Head Prayer Warrior is Mrs. Chris Murphy (email MURPHY1978@aol.com). The Youth Ministry Team is Kyrstal Elliott (517-937-4314) and Jessica Elliott (517-745-4634).