Covid 19 Protocol

                            Horton Congregational Church

                     Protocol for Re-opening on June 7, 2020 And Thereafter Until Further Notice

After much research, discussion and prayer, the Horton Congregational Church Board has created the following guidelines for reopening our facility for worship services. In light of the current pandemic, we ask that all congregants attending Sunday morning worship respect and follow the guidelines set forth in this document until we can safely remove them:

  • Cloth face coverings (masks) are recommended to be worn inside the church building except for those under 2 years old. Also, be mindful of the six-foot physical distancing with non-family members. Signs to this effect will be posted on all entrance doors.
  • Temperatures will be taken with a touchless thermometer. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will not be permitted entrance.
  • Anyone exhibiting Covid -19 symptoms, or who knows they have been exposed, would need to be symptom free for two weeks before returning to church so as not to risk the health of our congregation. 
  • Touchless hand sanitizer units will be available near the entrances of the church.  
  • All doors will be manned by one person, minimizing risk.
  • We will maintain an attendance record each Sunday and retain this information for three weeks. This will allow contact tracing if anyone who attends worship later gets sick with the virus or is exposed to it.
  • To allow for the maximum fresh air, we have installed a Force Mechanical Air Scrubber. Overhead fans will remain on at all times.
  • Everyone is encouraged to maintain good hand washing hygiene. Posters explaining proper hand washing will be posted.
  • Offering plates will not be circulated. They will remain at the entrance of the sanctuary.
  • Health experts indicate that singing produces 6-10x more droplets from our mouths than recitation. For the month of June, we plan to sing one congregational hymn and we ask that the congregation wear their masks to sing.
  • Communion will not be observed until a safe way to administer is found.
  • We will not be participating in “Greet your Neighbor” during services to discourage hand-shaking and to promote physical distancing.
  • There will be no Junior Church during services until further notice.
  • Both pastors will be available to help with any concerns/questions dealing with Covid-19 and Church.