Chris Murphy was officially voted in as the minister by the Congregation on August 28, 2016, and was ordained on March 2, 2019. Chris has been a member of our church for over three decades, having held numerous church positions during that time. She was President of the Church Board at the time of being called by the church as their pastor.

Pastor Chris and Chuck have two grown children and they have been blessed with four grandchildren.

Pastor Chris and Chuck both graduated from Van Wert High School in Van Wert, Ohio. Chris earned her B.A. in Geography from Bowling Green State University in 1979. She earned her M.A. in Spiritual Formation and Leadership from Spring Arbor University in 2011.

Horton Congregational Church was instrumental in developing the relationship Chris has with the Lord today. The people attending this church have largely impacted her values, her beliefs and her Walk with Jesus. She credits her church family with making her into the person she is today. She is humbled and honored to be called to lead this congregation as their minister.

Chris Murphy
(cell): 517-206-9926

Pastor Craig Goodlock lives in rural Stockbridge with his wife of 30 years, Laurie.  Craig and Laurie have three adult children. A 1975 graduate of Stockbridge High School, Craig earned a B.A. in Mathematics and Business Administration from Adrian College in 1979.

Having been raised in the United Methodist Church, Craig began serving as a lay speaker shortly out of college, eventually obtaining his certified lay speaker designation while holding many administrative, teaching, and leadership roles within the local church. Over time he began to fill the pulpit for a variety of denominations and churches when pastors were away and has served in that role in as many as thirteen local churches in recent years. As Craig’s spiritual experience, training, and education increased he was asked to perform more and more services for the local churches and parishioners. One local church, Fitchburg Pentecostal Church, recognized the potential Craig had for local ministry and granted him a Local Minister’s Certification for the performance of church sacraments.

Craig continues to co-paster HCC along side Pastor Chris.

Craig Goodlock
(cell): 517-937-7715